The Fuchsfelge® Forged, not cast

The designation of the Fuchsfelge from a technical point of view should really be a Fuchs wheel, because the rim is strictly speaking only the outer ring that is connected to the wheel flange by the wheel rim. The wheel is thus the »complete package«, consisting of the rim, bowl and hub. Nevertheless, the designation Fuchsfelge has become synonymous with the wheel in a blade design first mounted by Porsche on the 911 S.

The career of the Fuchsfelge was launched with the Porsche 911. But the forged wheel from Meinerzhagen has also achieved cult status on other models. This includes the so-called ‚baroque wheel‘ used by Mercedes. But the forged wheel is not just of historical importance. The Fuchsfelge has much to offer in modern times, too, with its lightweight design. This not only impacts on driving response but also on fuel consumption.