The New Retro-Fuchsfelge 20 inch FUCHSFELGE available from 2023

15 and 16 inch for e.g. the Porsche F- and G-model ... 17 and 18 inch for e.g. the Porsche type 964 and 993 ... 19 inch for e.g. the Porsche 911 Turbo

NEW from 2023:

20 inch with central locking for the Porsche 911 GTS (type 991)

In this spring, we extend our product range of the Retro-Fuchsfelge again:

The unmistakable styling has been carefully scaled up, while maintaining the same proportions, to 20 inch and modified to the suspension of the Porsche 911 GTS (991). These new 20-inch wheels with central locking will be available in:

» Front: 9 J x 20 inch | offset 51
» Rear: 12 J x 20 inch | offset 63

First-edition surface: Anodized in moorish-gold, perfected through craftsmanship - with an unique touch and finish 



The 20-inch Retro-Fuchsfelge with 5-hole mountings will follow in autumn 2023 to ensure even more Porsche driver the opportunity to drive the original FUCHFELGE on their own Porsche model.