The Wheel Variety Locomotion in every situation - forged wheels made by OTTO FUCHS

Whether by motorcycle, train or aeroplane: with the right forged Fuchs wheel you are always travelling savely.

Motorcycle Shapely legs

Since 2005 there have also been forged Fuchsfelge wheels for motorcycles. The weight reduction of the unsprung masses improves handling, especially in lightweight vehicles. Custom styling claims, such as filigree spokes, can be implemented elegantly thanks to outstanding material properties and highly advanced manufacturing technologies.

Aircraft A wheel lends wings

The first aircraft wheels were manufactured at OTTO FUCHS starting in the early 1960s for Dunlop in England. Today the company from Meinerzhagen is the leading manufacturer of forged light alloy wheels for aircraft. These wheels consist of two wheel halves which are bolted together. There are braked and unbraked wheels. With the braked wheels, the brake disk packet is seated in the larger inner wheel half.

Train Safety on railroads

Since the 1960s, various railways in Switzerland have been equipped with lightweight, forged wheel discs. In the 1990s, aluminium wheel mounts followed for resilient wheels for vehicles in passenger transport. Due to increasing pressur to reduce weight, the Fuchsfelge has also recently found its way into modern rail vehicles.