Packaging information Please note our packaging instructions.

To make sure that your wheels will arrive safely, please follow the packaging advices: 

Step by step

Step 1: First check: tolerance catalogue and identification

Before you send the wheels to us, please check our tolerance catalogue whether your wheels could be refurbished or not. We only refurbish wheels made by OTTO FUCHS.

Step 2: Remove tyres and valves

Please note, that we only refurbish wheels without tyres and without valves. We do not have the mechanical possibilities to remove them locally! 

Step 3: Packaging Material

Please pack each single wheel in one stable box. To prevent damages at the wheel please use additional material, such as styrofoam or foam plastic, to fix the wheel in the box. 

Step 4: Request form

Please fill in the request form.

Step 5: Ready for dispatch

Close the box/es with adhesive tape – several times lateral and longitudinal.

The next steps

After receiving your wheel/s, you will get an order confirmation as well as an offer/invoice. We will start the refurbishment after receiving your payment. Please note that the return of the refurbished wheel/s within Germany is free of charge. Any additional costs will be paid by the customer.