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Delivery time

The delivery time (including refurbishment) – after receipt of payment, is approx. 4 – 5 weeks (within Europe). We do not offer refurbishment for customers domiciled/with a delivery address outside Europe. 

Which wheels could be refurbished?

We only refurbish classic wheels made by OTTO FUCHS. An overview of this wheels you can find here. Please also note our tolerance catalogue.​​​​​​​ 

Do you also refurbish single wheels?

Yes. There are no minimum or maximum quantities. We also refurbish single wheels, but we recommend refurbishing the complete wheel set. Due to the new varnish the refurbished single wheel could stand out from the other wheels. 

How do I pack the wheels safely for dispatch?

A packaging instruction you can find here

Important note:
Please remember to attach the signed General Terms and Conditions of Payment and Delivery. Without the signed document we could not start the refurbishment of your wheels.

Shipping and packaging costs

The shipping costs for Germany are 21 EURO for 1-4 boxes/wheels. 
Shipping costs for deliveries outside Germany will be invoiced to the customer. 

For the appropriate packaging we charge 5 EURO per wheel. 

How do you ensure that I get my own wheels back?

To make sure that you get your own wheels back, we mark them permanent at the incoming inspection. In addition, and for better tracking, a QR code is stitched in the wheels’ rim. 

Any further questions? Please contact us.