The legendary Fuchsfelge®

The Porsche Fuchsfelge for the first 911 in 1965 was the first forged wheel – and thus laid the foundation for a great historical devleopment. At the same time, however, other manufacturers had become convinced of the qualities of the Fuchsfelge. The so-called Baroque wheel of the Mercedes S-Class from 1972 was, for example, the first aluminium wheel made in series production.

Whether on classics such as the futuristic NSU Ro 80 or the sporty Opel Kadett GT/E, the Fuchsfelge became a visual identifying feature. Even today - when it comes to sportiness, then the forged wheel is already in pole position – whether on the Audi R8, Ferrari California, Porsche Spyder 918, the BMW 7er series or Rolls-Royce Phantom.

A whole new field has opened up for the lightweight forged wheel with electric cars. Here low weight is equated with greater range. No wonder the first electric BMW, the i3, drives through the city on Fuchsfelge wheels made by OTTO FUCHS - and only by OTTO FUCHS.


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The Retro Fuchs wheels in 17, 18 and 19 inch directly from OTTO FUCHS.


Technical Data Sheet

Technical Information about your Fuchsfelge. Free of charge.


Ready to Roll

Here you will find the wheels that OTTO FUCHS delivers to various car manufacturer. Of course each wheel is forged, not cast.

Wheel Overview

2.5 million forged wheels are made at OTTO FUCHS. | The wheels constitute 8 per cent of our business overall (OTTO FUCHS Group). | The forged wheel convinces with a weight benefit of 20 per cent compared to cast wheels. | Each wheel receives its own tool number, depending on size and surface. More than 400 tool numbers abre being manufactured today.